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Who we are

Trustalyze provides online merchants with a platform for verified and trusted reviews by real customers using the Trustalyze Confidence System with a patented blockchain verification process built in! Merchants who use Trustalyze see on average a 15% increase in revenue.

What we do

Most review sites like TrustPilot, PissedConsumer and many others, allow fake reviews to be posted all the time. This means that anyone with a grudge, or a competitor, can simply say anything they want and post 1-star negative reviews, with no validation or verification. Worse still, these so-called ‘review sites’ refuse to remove fake or slanderous reviews. Why? Because for each review and each additional comment, they can claim more visits, more traffic, and more views, which means more revenue for them. This is wrong on so many levels; and it ultimately hurts the consumer. And it remains outside of regulatory control. The Feds have stated that website owners are not responsible for the content posted by others on their sites. Even when a Merchant presents proof that a review is fake or from a competitor, many current review sites refuse to remove these false statements. Enough is enough!

Welcome to Trustalyze – reviews are authentic, validated, and trusted because they ride on the security and immutability of blockchain technology.

How Trustalyze Works

At Trustalyze, we have created the Trustalyze Confidence System – a system that works with WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla as well as custom ecommerce websites. The Trustalyze Confidence System allows actual customers to leave real reviews on transactions they complete with the merchant.

When the customer buys a product or service on any website using the Trustalyze Confidence System, they have 60 days to leave a 1 through 5 star review, along with a title and description of the product or service. Once they create that review, it’s immediately ported over to where it becomes searchable. In an industry first, Trustalyze is proud to add the enhanced ability to store reviews on the blockchain, where they become a permanent record that is impossible to modify.

With the Trustalyze Confidence System, merchants can safely send customers to to view their company profile page displaying real reviews from real and verified customers.

Trustalyze Verified Reviews Search App

Introducing the Trustalyze Verified Review Search App. The only app that searches for real verified reviews from real customers of merchants using the Trustalyze Confidence System. Say goodbye to fake reviews.

Trustalyze Confidence System

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Why Blockchain?

Trust is found in blockchain because it is a decentralized ledger and it’s transactions are immutable which means that transactions can’t be deleted or modified. This means that no central authority controls the data. The blockchain serves as a 100% undeniable trust of a transaction. With that, Trustalyze records each review from the Trustalyze Confidence System to the Trustalyze blockchain to ensure 100% accuracy and transparency. Trustalyze is poised to become the leader in online review authenticity and integrity.

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