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The Trustalyze Confidence System

Increased Reputation
Using our patented reputation management system will help you increase your online reputation.
eCommerce Ready
Trustalyze is ready to go for any eCommerce platform including Online Dating, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or any other web solution.
Verified Reviews
All reviews that go through the Trustalyze Confidence System are verified and posted to your company profile page.
Blockchain Verified
All reviews are permanently added to our private blockchain for added trust and transparency.

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Intelligent Review System

Verified Reviews

All reviews that go through the Trustalyze Confidence System via our WooCommerce extenion are verified to be real reviews. Those reviews are then posted to the blockchain for added trust and transparency.

Video Reviews

Merchants who use our WooCommerce extension can let their customers leave a video review. That review is then ported to the merchant’s company profile page where it’s indexed by Google for potential customers to find.

SEO Optimized Company Page

All merchants receive their very own SEO optimized company profile page. This is where all reviews are displayed. These company profile pages are optimized so that Google displays your page in its search results.

Company Products Display

Merchants can now add 3 of their top products or services right to their company profile page to showcase their products when potential customers are reading their reviews.

Scammer Protection

Our patented Scamalyze technology scans each user registering or logging into your system against our global database of known scammers. If a scammer is detected then that user is stopped and blocked before logging into your site or making a purchase. Read More

Blockchain Verification

Every review that comes through the WooCommerce extension is added to our private blockchain that is stored as a permanent record impossible to delete or modify thereby showing more trust and transparency.

Review Analytics

Now merchants can see their review analytical data including reviews and replies. Use the date range tool to run reports to see reviews within a certain date range.

Email Notification

Merchants can reply to the customer review and when the customer replies again an email notification is sent out letting you know the customer has replied to your reply.


Increased Trust and Transparency

The most comprehensive reputation management tools you’ll find. Complete with video reviews, email notification, customer replies, scammer protection as well as all reviews being posted to our own blockchain for added trust and transparency.

By using the Trustalyze Confidence System you could potentially see an increase in revenue by 15% or more.

Place your Reputation at the TOP of Search Engines & Expand + GROW your Business!

What Our Merchants Say

One of the best review systems I’ve seen. The staff at Trustalyze have helped us every step of the way and you sure can’t beat the prices. Trustalyze is going to be a game changer.

Janice Kelso

Site Owner

I was paying another review company a large amount of money to do what I can do for half the cost here at Trustalyze. These guys have developed the right tools at the right price… If you could do a better job for less money would you? I would.

Daniel Jacobs

Site Owner

Since I’m not that computer savvy, these guys helped me get my company page set up with my products. Being able to promote my products to people reviewing my reviews is a great tool. Kudos to the Trustalyze team.

Sergey Yahontov

Site Owner

Personal touch matters in this day and age and what Trustalyze is letting us do means so much. Ever since creating my company profile page I am getting organic review traffic and that is critical to my business.

Seth Kliven

Site Owner