Reviews are

Post all your customer reviews to our blockchain for added verification.

Immutable Reviews

Because we use blockchain technology, reviews cannot be modified. Once a review is posted, it remains unchanged, giving your business trust and transparency.

Customer Replies

Active customer service drives growth. With reviews on the blockchain, we also post your replies to reviews. Adding this element creates new business while retaining current customers.

Increased Revenue

Showcasing verified reviews to customers can increase revenue 15% or more. Earn confidence and trust with the power of reviews that cannot and have not been modified.

Review Processing

Reviews Posted
Reviews posted to our blockchain. 100%
Replies Posted
Replies posted to our blockchain. 100%
Confirmation of review transactions. 100%
Blockchain node uptime/availability. 100%
Blockchain Review Solutions


My customers love the fact that they can see their reviews on the blockchain. What an ingenious idea.
This is absolutely awesome. I've integrated it into my customer dashboard so they can see it all now.
SEO Specialist
Was looking for ways to validate my customer reviews and Trustalyze helps me do exactly that.

Increase your online reputation with Trustalyze

Showing your customer reviews that haven’t been modified shows transparency and has proven to increase revenue by 15% or more.

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