May 15, 2019

WooCommerce Trustalyze Confidence System Plugin

Trustalyze has released the Trustalyze Confidence System for WooCommerce to increase online reputation and revenue.

This new extension for WooCommerce will allow you to showcase real and verified reviews with blockchain verification from your website.

WooCommerce Extension for Rebusify

Since the TCS plugin extension works with your WooCommerce, only verified reviews will be posted to your Company Profile Page to help you increase revenue and reputation.

WooCommerce Extension for Trustalyze Confidence System

Get the WooCommerce Extension for the Trustalyze Confidence System and start posting REAL reviews to your Company Profile Page.

Features Include

  • Verified Reviews
  • Video Reviews
  • Unlimited Email Review Invites
  • Company products displayed on profile page.
  • Reviews posted to blockchain for added trust and transparency.
  • Review Analytics for all reviews/replies.
  • SEO optimized company profile page.
  • Email notification for all reviews/replies.
  • Reputation repair/support
  • Content creation support
  • And much more…

Customer Reviews

This is where your customers will leave a text review or a video review. Once they purchase a product or service from your website they will be able to leave a review. That review is then ported over here to and posted to your company profile page where it becomes a searchable record.

Your company profile page is also indexed by Google so people searching for reviews on your company will find your profile page.

In your My Account area of WooCommerce, your users will be able to review their transactions as well as reply to reviews that you have replied to.

Trustalyze Confidence System Admin Area

Simply download the Trustalyze Confidence System Plugin for WooCommerce, install it and activate it in your WordPress Admin Area.

Visit and register for the Starter Plan and create your account. You’ll be presented with your Serial Key. Take that back to your website to the Trustalyze Confidence System area in your WordPress Admin area and save the changes. That’s it.

When you save the settings your new company profile page will be created and all reviews that you get from your customers will be saved to your company profile page.

Unlimited Email Invitation Reminders

Now you can send unlimited review invitation emails to all of your WooCommerce customers.

Once a customer has purchased a product or service on your website then they have 60 days to leave a review. In the event that the customer doesn’t leave a review you can now send them an email invitation reminder to ask them to leave a review. You can resend these email reminders as often as you like.

It also includes an email template so that you can customize the email going out to your customers.

Verified Reviews Analytics

Every account here at Trustalyze gives you free analytics to show you the breakdown of all of your reviews/replies.

You can see all the reviews and replies as well as being able to filter them based on date ranges. You can also see the number of reviews you have available in your plan.

Promote Your Company Products

Now you can add your top product images with links to your product page right from your company profile page. Login to your account and go to your company profile page and you’ll see the new “Products" tab. There you can add 3 of your top products. A great way to showcase your products to potential customers looking at your reviews.

WooCommerce Extension for Trustalyze Confidence System

Get the WooCommerce Extension for the Trustalyze Confidence System and start posting REAL reviews to your Company Profile Page.

We thank you all for your interest in the Trustalyze Confidence System for WooCommerce and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.