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We have developed a new tool to help protect the retail investor from FUD articles designed to move the market. Up until now investors read these articles and react thinking that these articles may be true. Case in point. China has come out and stated it was going to ban Bitcoin numerous times but didn’t do it. Each time they push an article it affected the market in a negative way. If people can see that an article is not true and is designed to move the market then as a whole we will be able to stop the market manipulation because at the end of the day, if you know that an article is simply a high level FUD article then you won’t react by selling your crypto and losing your money.

One of the key components here at Trustalyze is that we take a decentralized approach to rating articles. New articles in the crypto space come into Trustalyze each day and the Trustalyze community of crypto enthusiast rate that article on its FUD. Our community rates the FUD on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is high FUD level. We then take an average of all the articles for that day and assign a FUD Index Level. This level is updated every 15 minutes to ensure that we get all new articles as they come out.

Earn Trustalyze Token (TRSTZ)

Since we’re decentralized in terms of rating all the FUD articles, it only makes since that we reward our crypto community for helping rate the FUD articles. Each of our community members will earn .50 Trustalyze Tokens (TRSTZ) for every article that they rate. This new Trustalyze Token is a custom native token created on the Cardano Blockchain and it’s sent to and stored in the members Cardano wallet. All payouts for the Trustalyze Tokens are sent out on a monthly basis via our smart contract. Community members can login to their My Account area here at Trustalyze.com and see the number of articles they have rated along with the amount of TRSTZ they have earned as well as withdraw those tokens to their Cardano wallet.

The Trustalyze Takeaway

The takeaway here is that each of our community members are doing a great service by helping to decipher the FUD coming out of the news sites like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, YahooFinance, Forbes and others. This helps new and old retail investors alike make better informed decisions about their crypto assets.

Keep in mind that crypto news organizations, whales, institutions and celebrities only care about taking your crypto. They do this by FUD’ing the market. They all work together to create FUD that is designed to make it look like the market is crashing and take your crypto when you panic sell. Don’t be a weak hand when it comes crypto FUD!


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