August 19, 2020

Trustalyze Covid Response

Trustalyze Response to Covid-19We, like everyone else, are in uncharted territory with regards to Covid. We honestly don’t know how long this will last.

Trustalyze has not given up on our customers and making the review landscape

more transparent. We’re going to see this thing through no matter what so with that said, Trustalyze has paused all premium plans and is now offering our full merchant services out completely free. We feel that there’s no better time for merchants to work on their reputation than right now during this downtime and now it can be done absolutely free.

Effectively immediately all premium plans have been suspended and you’ll find a Free Plan on our pricing page. This Free Plan comes with 100% of the Trustalyze Confidence System offerings. This free plan will run until we all get through this global pandemic.

We wish you all the best health and hopefully we’ll get through this pandemic sooner rather than later. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Michael Allen
CEO/Founder Trustalyze, LLC