Trustalyze Confidence System Pharmaceutical Parody

During the Covid19 lock down we decided to shoot a low budget (Very low budget) pharmaceutical parody about the Trustalyze Confidence System and what fake reviews can do the reputable online ecommerce merchants.

Here’s the script from the shoot.

What the F**k?

This shit ain’t real.

Tom is expericing a common condition called Fake Review Rage Syndrome.

A condition brought on by fake reviews posted all over the web without any confirmation or verification. But Tom shouldn’t fret, there’s a new treatment called the Trustalyze Confidence System and when used correctly, relieves all symptoms of Fake Review Rage Syndrome.

Trustalyze is for everyone. Side effects can be wild and may include better online reputation, trust, transparency, more customers and increased revenue.

If you have an ecommerce website you may be at increased risk of fake negative reviews that can lead to Fake Review Rage Syndrome. Don’t kid yourself, talk to Trustalyze today about your risk and about the Trustalyze Confidence System with blockchain technology.

Trustalyze, the cure for Fake Review Rage Syndrome.