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November 24, 2017
"Software link expires"
I purchased Microsoft office and used with no problems then when I purchased a new mac and tried to use the link again it had expired!! so after paying for office I no longer have access to it! I have tried to contact Software4 students by phone , by email and online but they have never come back to me . Beware of this company and avoid !
June 27, 2016
"Misleading product service"
Over the last 2/3 years I have purchased 5 products whilst I was a student. The terms of sale did not at any point indicate that the ability to download the software I had purchased would EXPIRE. Furthermore, considering that the total cost of the 5 products was £556.63 it is not a viable length of time to consider 2 years an acceptable period. Particularly as PC systems crash and often need to read more...
June 03, 2016
"Outstanding Service"
Purchased software from this company many years ago however after my hard drive broke, all my data was lost including software however Software4Students Staff were more than happy to help me relocate the same software and it was installed perfectly, just as it did last time. Amazing discounts and lots of savings made! Would definitely use this company again!
March 19, 2016
"Really appalling support"
I ordered MS project and was unable to install it, conflicts with existing MS Office installs. I was sent a link to download Visio! I sent them a screen-dump of the Order, and simply had no response to several emails, and the phones are only manned weekday mornings!? Rather poor service, so will probably try and get a refund from the credit card co (glad I did that, nearly used a debit card). Cle read more...
January 22, 2016
"No customer service whatsoever"
Despite using them relatively successfully before I bought Microsft 360 from them recently and the link they gave me does not work. I have tried phoning them in excess of 50 times, no answer, busy lines call back again later and I have emailed them to no avail. They have given me a dodgy link before and it took a while to get it fixed but being unable to speak to anyone for more than a week read more...
September 03, 2015
"Just don't ask for a refund"
I incorrectly ordered office for windows rather than office for Mac. S4S refused to refund the £100 even though Microsoft offer a free 14 day return if you order in error. I wanted to re-order the correct s/w through them but can't afford to pay twice. They didnt respond to emails for 10 days. Very unhappy with their approach to customers and I would certainly never buy from them again.
July 10, 2015
"********** Awesome customer service *********"
Superb value and world class customer experience. I bought my son some software 3 years ago for a fraction of the cost, the process was ace and simple to implement. 3 years on and I still recieve the same level of customer experince that I would expect a new customer to get! They sorted my problem out and made sure I had resolved the issue!! Where else would you get that service? Thanks S4S :)
May 11, 2015
"Service long after purchase!"
I've purchased a couple of software packages from Software4Students, and they both went well. The test of a company is how they respond to queries or problems, and in my experience they get 5 stars for that too. I mislaid my disk package for MS Office Enterprise 2007 that I'd purchased 6 (six!) years previously but managed to locate my product key. I was guided helpfully and very patientl read more...
February 06, 2015
Quick reply and perspicacious. The solution worked a treat. Even though the product was bought over a year previously my problem was efficiently dealt with.
May 19, 2014
Although there was a problem with my order, the support I received from Software4students was very good and the problem solved.
December 11, 2013
"Excellent service - from start to finish and beyond!!"
My experiences with Software 4 Students have ALL been excellent - that doesn't mean, that they roll over and do everything that I ask of them. BUT it does mean that they treat me as a valued customer and keep the interests of their software parties in mind with their responsibilities As a Grandfather wanting to actively support a growing base of grand children with their educational needs read more...
October 23, 2013
"Excellent service - lovely staff"
Most helpful, particularly when I returned software without RMA code! Senior Customer Support rep Sally was extremely patient and most helpful. Stars all round George Pearce
August 19, 2013
I have purchased several items and have always been impressed with the produced and the incredible value - they are regularly 50% cheaper than other retailers. I recently had a problem with my computer and lost Office 2010. I had received office as a download and when I tried to download it again I ran into all sorts of problems. I spent hours trying to resolve the issue with Microsoft who wanted read more...
May 08, 2013
"Excellent customer care"
Despite it being three years since l bought the product they were more than happy to help me sort out a major problem with it. Thats what l call great service.
April 22, 2013
I was recommended by a friend to use software4students to buy the latest office. I had MAJOR issues trying to get Microsoft to accept my email address. I kept getting passed around. I went back to software4students as I had purchased from them and must admit had a bit of a go at Alan as I was just so frustrated! Sorry Alan!!! He took time to talk me through getting it validated with Microsoft! He read more...
April 18, 2013
"Do not buy from this company"
I bought an Adobe CS6 product from them in November 2012. I had already had problems trying to get it from Adobe. I was in India and needed a download urgently. They took my money, but when I contacted them for the download, I was told they did not do downloads for Adobe and the discs would be sent to my home in England. I sent them a copy of the page from there website saying there were download read more...
February 10, 2013
"Excellent Service and Great Pricing!"
I had some queries before placing an order and the service was always 1st Class and Prompt. When I did order the items came quickly and the Pricing is the best anywhere! Great, Clear and Well-Designed Website as well. Very Happy Customer - Many Thanks.
December 11, 2012
"Very helpful and supportive."
I tried to download Office Professional Plus on my son's new laptop and had problems. Without error warnings I had nothing to go on. The customer service department was more than helpful and looked into the issue for me and helped resolve the issue. I felt the help was courteous and patient and completely appropriately pitched. Now my son has to do his homework without technological h read more...
September 12, 2012
"Simply The Best !"
Purchased the programme for my son to use in High School and College and although I had a few problems to begin with due to my not completely removing all other Office software that had been preinstalled when I purchased the computer I have had a really positive experience and can Highly Recommend Software4Students.I had to write on a number of occasions and thankfully I was helped every step of read more...
March 22, 2012
"Would Highly Recommend :)"
I had a few problems with installation of the downloadable MS office but with a quick email to Software 4 students for help, allowed me to install quite easily, Responses were always quick to emails, would recommend this company to all as they provide a top notch service.
March 22, 2012
"Fantastic and Fast Customer Service"
I had to contact the Customer Service team over a year after my purchase of MS Office to seek help with an issue. The response was fast and the resolution was first time. Would definitely recommend Software4students to others as I have had nothing but great service in all my dealings with them.
March 20, 2012
"Great to do business with"
I ordered Office for Mac 2011, which worked fine. Unfortunately after my hard drive was changed, because of a fault, I could not reinstall the program. Microsoft wouldn't let the program fully install for some weird reason. Software4Students tried really hard to solve my problem without success. We went through all the steps, but installation. The only solution was a refund, whi read more...
March 14, 2012
"A revelation! Helpful IT support!"
Brilliant service, responsive, quick and advice that works. Can't rate them highly enough.
March 10, 2012
"Fast Response and Knowledgeable"
Trying to install Office 2010 I kwpt getting a Product Key Invalid message. Problem was quickly identified as being a 'leftover' from a previous install in the registry and information given as how to clean it. Followed the instructions and the install then went through qith no further problem. Very efficient and quick responses to emails. Would use this company again. Frank
March 10, 2012
"Excellent, fast, efficient and knowledgeable service"
Quickly sorted out my installation issue with excellent customer service. Resolved within a couple of emails. Would use again,

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