SiteJabber Removes Real Reviews

SiteJabber Destroys Businesses

A simple search on SiteJabber for their own company website reveals shocking evidence of reviews being removed. What is not so shocking is that SiteJabber does this. Giving themselves 5 stars pretty much putting them in a great light while removing real negative reviews about them. Sure you might find one or two but this is by design. SiteJabber is not the only one doing this. They all do it including TrustPilot, PissedConsumer, RipOffReport and a host of others.

How do we know? Because we tried it. Here’s how we did it. A customer reported to us that one of their competitors was posting fake negative reviews about them on SiteJabber. The owner then created a fake positive review about themselves and SiteJabber removed it. When the customer asked how they can get it removed, the SiteJabber representative told them that they should create a business account and upgrade their account. This basically equaled Pay to Play with SiteJabber. Not only that but the customer posted a real review of the interaction on SiteJabber only to have that negative review removed from their profile. You can’t make this stuff up. All of these guys are out there scamming businesses.

Others have pointed out, SiteJabber is a scam. They post or allow fake reviews and when the businesses contact SiteJabber to have the fake reviews removed, they refuse for free but offer “professional monitoring and removal services for a fee”.

Not only all that but TrustPilot and SiteJabber go back and forth with fake reviews about each other in hopes to discredit one another. That is crazy. Why these people are still allowed on the internet is beyond comprehension.