June 18, 2020


:: Special Connect Cheap Inmate Jail Call Service : SecurTel.us ::
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June 18, 2020
"These people are the biggest liars"
These people are the biggest scam lies lies lies these sorry ass scanmers
June 17, 2020
"I wish there were an option for no…"
I wish there were an option for no stars, this is the worst scam ever! Never agreed to the amount and will continue with trying to receive a refund just because of my pride. I see them taking advantage of people that are hurting for money and needing to speak to family behind bars which in my opinion is work for demons that are surrounding us all today!!
June 13, 2020
"(Secur tel.us) IS NOT SECURUS!!"
(Secur tel.us) IS NOT (SECUR US)!!! U think u are logging into or setting up an account and you are actually filling out info for being billed $45.98 for the 90 day BULL ssssheeet service they offer that doesn't affect the cost of phone calls fr jail at all.no matter what ur calls from jail will be the exact same cost per minute with or without this Secur tel.us!!! PLEASE DON'T GET RIPPE read more...
June 08, 2020
"So you know securus tech and securtel…"
So you know securus tech and securtel is the same company after setting up an account with securus tech securus tel took my information and charge $45 to my account when I spoke with customer service securus tech they claim they know nothing about that company they're not affiliated at all but that's a lie they took my information and they gave it to them that's how they were able to read more...
May 21, 2020
"This is the worst service ever the two…"
This is the worst service ever the two phones calls i accepted through this site the first call its was all gravelly an could not hear the person she hangup an made a second call I talked four costed me 60.00 I highly don't recommend this site to anyone terrible service. Would never use this site again
May 16, 2020
"This company preys on people who want…"
This company preys on people who want to stay in contact with their loved ones who are offenders in TDCJ. What they do is have the website set up to where you're not even aware you're being charged you think you're setting an account up and they charge $45 and some change. You get no service from them you only get your money robbed from you. There's no customer service to speak of read more...
April 23, 2020
"Horrible be careful"
Horrible be careful ! Worst experience ever customer service is garbage and they won’t give full refunds . Even tho the charge u without confirmation or an exact amount . Stay away ! I think it’s all a scam be careful and don’t use them
April 20, 2020
ITS A SCAMMMMM. These people want you to sign up giving you a number to activate so you can reach your loved one. They send you to other site so you can call to activate the number and when you call they say we don’t give out numbers so this is a scam. When you ask for a refund they only refund you $31 & say that $15 is non refundable because you agreed to the terms of service ! SCAM S read more...
April 10, 2020
"I was ripped off by this secur-tel $45…"
I was ripped off by this secur-tel $45 from my checking account. I cancelled with them on their site where it says credit and about 3 days later I noticed that it said that the acct. was cancelled. I thought that was it until I saw my acct. summary and these crooks still collected the $45 so now I have disputed that charge with my bank and I also changed my card. Is there a # to call to report f read more...
March 31, 2020
"I sure wish I had read the reviews…"
I sure wish I had read the reviews before signing up. I thought Securtel and Securus Technologies were one in the same since I was on the Securus app when it said 3 months for $45.98. So Securtel got the money from my checking account and provided nothing in return. The phone number they gave me would not work without adding more money. I called and sat on hold all day then sent a message from t read more...
March 12, 2020
"This comp Scams ppl they take your…"
This comp Scams ppl they take your $$.Its not legit.Then theres no customer service to speak to.IF I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD😡
February 15, 2020
"I wish I had read the reviews…"
I wish I had read the reviews beforehand. Like someone else I thought I was signing up for Securus and ended up with Securtel and their fee. There is no support or live chat, do not try to use those links you get in your confirmation email where you find out you have paid a fee. I tried through numerous emails to explain my situation and get a full refund but to no avail. I disputed the charge wi read more...
February 13, 2020
"Do not fall for this company and it's…"
Do not fall for this company and it's sneaky way of taking advantage of families desperately waiting to hear their loved one during processing at FTC by making you think this is the only way to recieve collect calls from an inmate there. The money they had at facility will not go with them to the transfer center they will need some cash added simply go Western Union quick pay to FTC and reg read more...
February 05, 2020
Scam, Scam, do not use this company or should I say securestech to add funds to a phone account then to realize I was being charged $45.00 for some service from securtel. I immediately contacted them via email to find out to cancel is a 14.99 fee. Not realizing that they are two separate companies. As soon as I received the email which informed me I was charged 45.00 on my bank account I immedi read more...
February 01, 2020
"Fck this company"
Fck this company, I’m trying to use touch pay direct and it takes me to securetel, where I thought I was only making an account , when I logged in I saw that I was billed $45.98. The terms and conditions were already checked and everything. Its a complete ripoff. I work hard for my money just to be scammed and my love one is still in need .
January 20, 2020
"Please be careful with this company…"
PLEASE NOTE, THE NUMBER TO THE FRAUDULENT COMPANY IS AS FOLLOWS:561-600-9545 AND 1800-219-9545. THE 516# IS SOMEONE WHO WAS SCAMMED AND TRYING TO HELP OTHERS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY please be careful with this company "SecurTel.us". When you sign up for service, you will eventually be forwarded to a link to another company whereas you will be required to add additional funds-- on to read more...
January 02, 2020
Scam! You go to sign up for an account (I thought it was touchpay direct bc that's the first thing to come up) and they immediately charge you $45.98 for setting up an account and then refuse to give you the full refund. They only gave me $31 back, and said that I agreed to the terms and conditions so I'm held responsible to pay the $14.99 (I didn't read them, I clicked next to mo read more...
December 22, 2019
COMPLETE SCAM!!! LIES!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They sold me a "special number" to a facility that can not use 3rd party! They do not have anyone to talk to. They just email you back and tell you all these things that are not true! They will not give a FULL refund back! They do NOT do what they say what they do!
December 19, 2019
"I ordered this by mistake because I…"
I ordered this by mistake because I thought I could just send a postcard. I contacted right away to say it was an error. I was refunded after you took a 19.99 fee. And today I get the postcard mailed back to me. What a horrible service and rip off of people's money
November 21, 2019
"Set up acct my friend was moved and it…"
Set up acct my friend was moved and it wasn’t the company that the jail use sent an email they cancelled my account but never refunded me my money and I never used they account ! I emailed and didn’t get an response
November 16, 2019
SCAM, SCAM, SCAM! I got a call from a friend and rexieved a text in order to receive the call I had to sign my number up. I got charged almost $46.00 without authorizing that charge! I did NOT use their service once! I am calling a number that plays music and leaves you on hold until you hang up! I emailed them and all I got was a "please zzz's e do not contact your bank, we will take ca read more...
November 02, 2019
"Don't do it"
Don't do it . Do not use this company .
October 20, 2019
"They ripped me off and charged my card…"
They ripped me off and charged my card 46$ without me agreeing to anything and can’t get my calls from institution. I can’t get ahold of anyone to cancel. I’m canceling through my bank . How do I deal with this? Help
October 08, 2019
"No stars this place is a rippoff so im…"
No stars this place is a rippoff so im calling bbb on them they show me where i cheaked off i had read terms ,,,but it is already cheaked off for you, crooked basturds.
October 04, 2019
"They dont deserve any stars they are a…"
They dont deserve any stars they are a fraud and a scam dont do it they charged my card before i choose a plan i dont think that theu can do that i looked them up on line and as i expected ot wasnt me there are many of us fools out here who puts prices on terms and conditions no price was ever mentioned i would think terms and conditions were that of the membership but i never agreed to join a me read more...

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