Welcome to Scamalyze Protection

Scamalyze protects your site from known scammers and spammers. Our patented technology scans each user registering or logging into your system against our database of known scammers and spammers. If a spammer or scammer is detected then that user is stopped and blocked before logging into your site or making a purchase.

We help you automatically remove these people from your website in real-time, saving your business time and money while improving your brand’s reputation.

Scamalyze is now part of the Trustalyze Confidence System.

Scamalyze Protection now included in the Trustalyze Confidence System

Scamalyze Features Include:

Machine Learning
Machine learning allows us to precisely detect scammers and can differentiate between custom scammer signals and scammer trends that are emerging globally.

Real-time Detection
Our API responds with a score in real-time which allows the Trustalyze Confidence System to automatically remove fraudulent users immediately, even when moderators are away.

Text Pattern Analysis
We can look for patterns in free form text and messages that detects “scammer grammar” vs normal local use of grammar.

Image Recognition
Our image detection can instantly check images against millions of blacklisted images worldwide to make sure they are instantly eliminated from going live on your site.