Review Solutions

Quantify your customer reviews using our white label blockchain solution.

White Label Option

Trustalyze offers a fully managed solution and a white label option. This allows your review platform to have the confidence of blockchain based reviews, in your own image.

Review Industry

Reviews are one the most important tools in the review space if not THE most important tool. 95% of customers make purchase decisions based on reviews. Review sites can quantify their reviews to increase reputation and increase revenue.

Restaurant Industry

Reviews are the driving force for restaurants and can make or break them so restaurants can quantify their reviews to increase reputation and increase revenue.

Verified Blockchain Posting

Our patent pending blockchain technology provides an immutable record. Once a review is posted, it cannot be changed. This earns the trust that fuels growth.

Online Dating

Online dating is just one of many sectors looking to expand their customer outreach and feedback. With a feedback platform that is fully transparent to anyone, even dating sites can depend on Trustalyze.

Travel Industry

Hotels and travel related services rely heavily on reviews so adding reviews for hotels to the blockchain can add value and show trust and transparency and this in turn creates better online reputation.

Regulatory Ready

Recent moves by the FTC are calling unregulated online reviews into question. Proof of authentic reviews looms as a new business risk. Trustalyze is ready with the power to protect.

Growth Ahead

Dependable and built for growth, blockchain provides a level of assurance not found in any hosted review options today. Business growth is built upon trust and confidence – Get both, with Trustalyze.

Automobile Industry

Car sales depend on reviews to sell more cars and those reviews play an important role in the success of these dealerships. Show you're trust by posting your reviews to the blockchain.

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