October 27, 2018

Reputation Management

The Secrets to Getting Online Reviews and Establishing and Managing Your Reputation  

Customers are of two types; the first type includes those who are satisfied and happy with your business and those who will recommend you to other customers, and the other type includes those with bad experiences with you and with your business or company. The latter is likely to type frustrations and bad experiences about your company in the form of online reviews. If you are seriously into reputation management, you have to learn ways on how to respond to these reviews and turn them to positive ones.

Online reviews are ultimately imperative for your business success. About 84% of individuals trust online reviews more than recommendations from family and friends. There are ways on how to get reviews from satisfied customers and how to deal with negative reviews shared by unhappy customers.

Do you want to know the real secrets of obtaining online reviews?

This basically starts with having excellent customer service, however what about afterward? How can you really get reviews from your customers?

Just ask your customers and do it promptly. Do not feel awkward. You’re significantly asking your clients for feedbacks which will certainly contribute to the growth of your business. There is really no harm in doing this. Truth is, more businesses must be doing this.

You have to note that timing is the key here. Before asking your customers for reviews, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have the complimented your services or business recently?
  • Has this client had a positive experience with your business or company?
  • Have you worked closely with your customers?

If customers are likely to provide good reviews, then ask right away. If there’s doubt that they may give you a bad or mediocre review, then wait. You might want to build a good relationship with them before you actually go and ask them some favors.

The bottom line is, if you ask your customers who have good experiences to provide you with reviews, then they’ll likely to be happy to give you a positive one. Do not just ask for a review, ask for a 5-star review but make sure to ask this most politely. It is also highly imperative to be more specific on which exact platform you’d like to leave reviews on.

Proper reputation management helps you achieve a positive reputation online. Just like you, a positive reputation online is an entity. Some people say that your reputation walks about two feet ahead of you. This represents unified mental constructs that everybody shares mainly about you.

It is not really easy to build a positive online reputation. There are instances that it takes several years to position your brand on top and stand out. Truth is, even minor blunder or time of indecisiveness can actually result to failed online reputation.

For more effective reputation management that will provide you with a positive reputation online, you need to keep your promises, be responsive, go beyond what’s ordinary and resolve problems instantly. These are ways to maintain your positive reputation.