Rebusify is now Trustalyze

After a few weeks of prep work the move from to our new home here at is now complete. It was all hands on deck to get the move completed and we did it in record time. The actual move only took one day but the prep work was a couple weeks in the making.

We Are Trustalyze

Our new name (Trustalyze) is a take on the word Trust. A word that means a lot and will come to mean a lot more in the coming months and years for Trustalyze will start analyzing all reviews for trustworthiness as well as accuracy. Right now all reviews that go through the Trustalyze Confidence System are verified as real and that gives merchants as well as their customers the trust and transparency they require to build their business and their revenue.

Trustalyze works by taking reviews that come into the Trustalyze Confidence System and analyzes it for accuracy then we post it to the merchants company profile page. We then post that review in its original form, to our own private blockchain. This is a patented solution that makes reviews immutable and that means the review can’t be deleted or altered in any way and that equals trust and transparency especially when big review companies are known for changing or deleting reviews.

What Can We Expect?

As we progress into 2020 you’ll start seeing more tools from Trustalyze. These tools are designed to increase trust and transparency in an internet world full of trolls, fake negative reviews, disgruntled employees and people with an ax to grind. For years these have been left unchecked by the big review companies simply because any review into their system equals more money and this is a flawed system. The Trustalyze Confidence System is and will level the playing field for merchants and customers so that they can be certain the review is from a real customer.

Along with moving our domain name from Rebusify to Trustalyze, we have also moved our social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which you can find in the bottom right of our site.

In the coming months you’ll start noticing a lot of changes coming to Trustalyze and those changes will be for the good. We’ll keep a little quiet on these changes for now but once we release them we’ll post a blog to introduce you all to it.

If you have any questions about Trustalyze or the Trustalyze Confidence System then we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Trustalyze Confidence System FAQ’s

How much does reputation management cost?

If you do a search on Google for reputation management those services can run you thousands of dollars. The Trustalyze Confidence System is free.

Can fake negative reviews hurt your business?

Yes, in fact negative reviews can destroy a business and it only takes a few bad ones to do it.

Can real reviews boost my business?

Yes, when you showcase real reviews from real customers you can increase your revenue by 15% or more.