October 28, 2018

Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management-An Important Factor to Improve Business and Respond to Online Reviews 

Online reputation management, also known as reputation marketing is one of the strategies which help businesses improve as well as respond to reviews online that were left or shared by customers about businesses on review sites.

Managing online reputation typically involves:

  • A software program for online reputation management which enables easier collection of online reviews as well as the distribution to well-known review websites.
  • Business owners who are proactively asking clients to leave or share online reviews regarding their business
  • Adding review schema markup into your site
  • Notifications or alerts to owners of businesses when reviews, either bad or good are left on top of review sites online
  • Ability to give a response to both negative and positive reviews to thank customers for their excellent feedback or to address concerns of customers in case they leave negative reviews
  • Promoting the company’s five-star reputation through social media, newsletters, banners, paid ads and more

Online reputation management is one of the most powerful and effective online marketing strategies that you can use to get and then keep more customers and clients.

Reasons Why Positive Online Reviews are Important to Your Business Reputation

The reputation of your business is your number one asset. Now more than ever, clients usually go online to look for online reviews for them to be able to make an informed decision about which business to transact with, what products to buy and which services to choose and use. Based on various recent surveys, a higher percentage of individuals trusts online reviews more than a personal recommendation.

Even though businesses still believe or think that they can ignore online reviews, they are secretly hoping that these reviews will go away quietly. Numerous businesses have been mainly affected by customers who leave bad reviews and tarnished their views of the credibility and importance of online reviews.

Most reviewers are only grumpy individuals complaining, but as a digital marketer, it is your job to clearly and politely explain to your clients the reason they need to protect their reputation proactively.

Reviews Help You Rank Higher on Search Engines

When the local searches are carried out, the search engines wanted to give their searches with only the best local businesses in search results. There is a known way on how a search engine can figure this out is through the number of negative and positive reviews about your business which are online. Studies revealed that online reviews actually play a vital role in where your website actually ranks against competitors.

Business individuals have to keep in mind that clients are evaluating exact the same things when they are on the process of contacting you or not. One recommended way to surely keep your online reputation going is claiming Google My Business Page for free. Once claimed, you can encourage happy and satisfied clients to leave positive reviews about your business online and on other review sites. Positive reviews do not just help you achieve higher rank but also build trust among searchers.