Immutable Reviews

Immutable Reviews

Immutable Reviews

What exactly does “Immutable” mean in terms of Immutable Reviews? It’s a term that doesn’t get thrown around a lot these days but the mere definition of the word describes why Trustalyze was created. The word simply means “Unchangeable” and when it comes to posting reviews about companies, potential customers want to know that an original review that’s been posted hasn’t been changed.

Trustalyze takes reviews in their original format and posts them to our very own private blockchain. We showcase these reviews on the blockchain to show that they haven’t been modified from their original form. This shows everyone transparency whereby merchants could earn more revenue by showing that their reviews haven’t been modified since being posted.

Online Reputation

When a review company or a merchant posts their reviews to the blockchain they show potential customers that the review hasn’t been modified and it hasn’t been deleted. By showing this transparency it can improve the online reputation of the company. In the Internet world these days online reviews mean everything so when a potential customer sees a review on a review site then comes back and sees that the review has been changed or deleted it sends a message that this company can’t be trusted. Improve your online reputation by showcasing your reviews, good or bad.

Increased Revenue

Studies have shown that a mixed bag of good and bad reviews is a good thing. Having all 5 stars of reviews sends the wrong message. People can see through that and will call it out for what it is. You’re legitimately not going to all 5 star reviews. It will be a mixed bag but you can mitigate the bad ones by doing the right thing all the time. Having the right customer service and just being a good kind company. Sure you’re going to have 3 star reviews but do what you can to have more 4 and 5 stars. These reviews, good or bad, will give your company a better online reputation and when you post those reviews to the blockchain it shows them that you’re being transparent and that can lead to 15% or more in added revenue. Good product, good reviews, transparency equals more money for your company.

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