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Trustalyze For Merchants

Trustalyze helps increase revenue by using verified reviews from real customers.
Start using the Trustalyze Confidence System for free today!


VALUE ADD Payment Gateways

In the highly competitive market of payment processing and gateway servicing, you need an edge – You need a value proposition that makes you stand out and above the rest. Be the differentiator – Show merchants that you are the better choice, with the value-add of Trustalyze!

Now you can expand your customer base, increase revenue for both you and your merchants, all while improving your market position. By adding the Trustalyze Confidence System to your offerings, you and your merchants will have patented tools designed to reduce chargebacks, earn trust, demonstrate transparency, and increase revenue.

Member Retention Online Dating

The dating space has always been a challenging area for fake and negative reviews. Many factors contribute to this, but Trustalyze is revolutionizing this business vertical with our patented merchant tools specifically designed for online dating services. Harness the power of Goldstar Reviews today!


WordPress Ready WooCommerce

Like the ease of use and rapid expansion of WooCommerce? We do! Grow and display your brand’s trust with Trustalyze Reviews for WooCommerce. This unique plugin is an extension for your WooCommerce plugin that allows your customers to leave video and text reviews – All protected by the power of our patented blockchain technology.

External Plugins Site Reviews Plugin

Are you using the Site Reviews plugin for your WordPress website? Trustalyze has partnered with GeminiLabs, the maker of the Site Reviews plugin, to offer the Trustalyze Confidence System to all Site Reviews users. 

Rich Snippet Google Reviews

Rich Snippet Revenue Results

Did you know that Google is now indexing all merchant company profile pages with Rich Snippet Review results? It’s true – And this also helps increase brand awareness and revenue for merchants using the Trustalyze Confidence System. Get Started Today!

Capture Customer Reviews

Check out this example. Here is where customers are encouraged to leave a text or video review of your great product or service! Once a purchase is completed on your website, they are directed here to leave a quick and easy review – Then the review is sent to Trustalyze and posted to your company profile page and then on to the blockchain where it becomes a permanent and searchable record.

And since your company profile page is also indexed by Google, anyone searching for reviews on your company will find your profile page as well as any products you add.

Trustalyze Review Analytics

Merchant Account Area

Verified Reviews Analytics

Every account at Trustalyze includes free analytics to show you an intuitive breakdown of all your reviews and replies. Gauge your business by tracking the number of reviews remaining in your account, or by applying filters like date ranges and other helpful criteria to better understand your customers and the market.

Promote Your Company Products

Now you can add your top product images with direct links to the item or service, right from your company profile page. Login to your account and go to your company profile page to add your products or service.  This is a great way to showcase your top products to customers who are already looking at your reviews.

See It In Action

Click on our sample company profile page below to see the Trustalyze Confidence System in action.