Fake reviews can destroy a business running WooCommerce!

Did you know that online retailers lose over 30% of business due to fake negative reviews? Sadly, there are even competitors that target your business to actively destroy you online.

It happened to me, and it happens to respectable businesses every day. So, I created a system to directly combat fake reviews and make them a problem of the past.

After years and years of trying to figure out how to combat fake reviews, I determined that the world needed a system of trust, that allows only REAL customers to leave actual REAL reviews. We call it the Trustalyze Confidence System or TCS.

Only real reviews about your site and sales get posted to your Trustalyze profile. How? Because we process only real reviews and post them to our own blockchain as a permanent record where it can’t be modified, edited or deleted. Customers will quickly realize, the Trustalyze Seal certifies that your sites reviews are genuine and verified. No more fake reviews!

How does this increase revenue? If you sell any products or services online, nearly every visitor to your site is going to search for reviews, or at the very least, click on any badge, seal or ‘Stars’ displayed on your site. Trustalyze reviews will show up on Google so that potential customers see your company profile and can read real reviews. They can also click on the Trustalyze Seal you display, to be directed straight to your Profile Page –  Showing everything clearly verified.

Rebusify Company Profile Sample

Rebusify 5 Star Review Rating System BadgeWith this website badge, your customers and potential customers, can identify your business as a trusted and transparent company, with all your reviews and replies easily verified.

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