Beware of Crypto Giveaway Scams

With the upcoming Alonzo hard fork with Cardano (ADA), there’s been an uptick in giveaway scams. Let me be crystal clear on this. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CARDANO GIVEAWAY. If you’re stumbled upon a YouTube video or a website that says “Send us 2000 ADA and we’ll send you 4000 back.). That’s a scam. Nothing in crypto does that. There’s no such thing. It’s a scam. If you send someone your Cardano or any other crypto expecting double or triple back then you will lose that crypto. Again, YOU WILL LOSE THAT CRYPTO!

Crypto Scam Live YouTube Videos

Send us your crypto and we’ll send you double back. That title is a common title you see on YouTube videos and websites. If you’ve ever searched for “Cardano” on YouTube you will see these giveaway scam videos all over the place. They have what appears to be a live video feed of Charles Hoskinson talking about Cardano/ADA but it’s a scam. They try to trick you into thinking Charges is talking about Cardano and at the same time they are promoting a scammer website to trick you into sending them your Cardano. This is a scam. I repeat, this is a scam. There are several ways to spot this:

  • The live video feed has comments turned off.
  • The live video feed has chat turned off.
  • They seem to have a YouTube channel with tons of subscribers or maybe just one or two.
  • They seem to have thousands watching the feed at that time.
  • This is a scam.

These are classic YouTube Crypto Giveaway Scams and they are designed to steal your crypto.

YouTube and Twitter Impersonators

YouTube and Twitter seem to not want to do anything about this but this is how this works. A scammer will create an exact copy of a Twitter handle that deals in crypto and has millions of followers. An example would be Bitboy_Crypto or AltcoinDailyio. These are legit handles but scammers will create exact copies of the account and merely change something in the username like this: Bitboy_Cryptoo. In that example you will see an extra “o” in the end. So unsuspecting people will think it’s the real Bitboy_Crypto handle. These scammers will reach out to real Bitboy_Crypto followers asking them to invest in something. THIS IS A SCAM! These YouTube/Twitter personalities will never ask you to invest in something. DO NOT SEND CRYPTO TO ANYONE YOU DON’T KNOW!

Impersonator Comments

Here’s another example of how scammers are trying to steal your money and crypto. If you ever see a YouTube video by a YouTube personality you will see comments that look like they are coming from the YouTubers authors account but they are not. YouTube allows for people to post the same thumbnail/icon for their usernames so when they comment the comment looks like it’s coming from the YouTuber when it’s not. You can determine if the comment is a fake copy simply by looking at the username. It will have “Author” to the right of it. Plus DO NOT SEND PEOPLE MONEY OR CRYPTO!

These scammers will most likely put some WhatsApp phone number in the comment. The idea/trick/scam here is to get you to call them so they can get you to invest your money into some fake scam project related to the YouTube personality. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

In Closing

This video below was done by AltcoinDailyIO. A YouTube personality (Twin Brothers Aaron/Austin) that puts out crypto YouTube videos every day. These guys have been doing this for a long time and they are a trusted source in the crypto space. I highly recommend that if you’re new to crypto you watch this video and subscribe to their channel. Even if you’re not new you still need to watch it. You will learn something. I did.

I want to personally thank AltcoinDailyIO and Charles Hoskinson for taking the time to put this information out.

Don’t send people your crypto. This post goes for any crypto. Don’t fall for scams and if you’re not sure then as Charles says “Ask for help!”. So ask. We’ve been in crypto since 2016 and we’re well versed in the space so if you can’t get fast answers then ask us. We’re here to help!


Important Links

Don’t Google Cardano. Go straight to the website There are Google Ads of fake Cardano websites. Always type into your browser.

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