Fake Reviews Not Going Away in 2020

Fake Reviews Not Going Away in 2020

As we tackle the year 2020, we are continuing to see the problems and risks to the entire ecommerce landscape from fake reviews. Just as unbalanced reporting and misleading advertising can skew everything from politics to commodity prices, fake reviews are destroying small businesses and undermining the confidence of every online consumer. What’s Happening with[…]

The Problem with Reputation Management Companies

If you’ve ever seen a negative review about your business on social media or a fly-by-night business review site, your mind probably starts racing with questions. Who would do this to me? Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? Unless a dissatisfied customer reached out to you directly, the review is probably fake.[…]

Why Blockchain Matters For Reviews

Why Blockchain Matters for Reviews

Ever since the creation of Bitcoin, blockchain has become something of a buzz word, but it is extremely important to the future of the Internet. If you’re not familiar with blockchain, then think of it in this way: a blockchain is more than just “a chain of blocks.” It is a decentralized ledger with no[…]

Rebusify Takes On Fake Review

Rebusify Takes On Fake Online Reviews

If you’ve visited Trustalyze.com, fake online reviews are a huge problem in the eCommerce world. Trustalyze is here to disrupt the online review industry with the Trustalyze Confidence System and our patent pending system built on blockchain technology. Fake online reviews are a dangerous problem and have even formed a growing cottage industry of paid[…]