Scamalyze Scammer Protection

Now With Scammer Protection

Trustalyze is pleased to announce the newest version of our WooCommerce extension, featuring new powerful scammer protection, included at no extra charge! This latest improvement is delivered by our new scammer prevention service called┬áScamalyze. Version 1.3.7 now includes the Scamalyze functionality and protections, built right in. Protect your site from scammers with Scamalyze, part of[…]

Trustalyze Confidence System Pharmaceutical Parody

Trustalyze Confidence System Pharmaceutical Parody

During the Covid19 lock down we decided to shoot a low budget (Very low budget) pharmaceutical parody about the Trustalyze Confidence System and what fake reviews can do the reputable online ecommerce merchants. Here’s the script from the shoot. What the F**k? This shit ain’t real. Tom is expericing a common condition called Fake Review[…]

Google Rich Snippet Reviews Data

Rich Snippet Review Data Added

Trustalyze is pleased to announce that Rich Snippet Review data has been added to all company profile pages and is now being indexed by Google. What are Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets or Rich Results are additional Google search results with additional data displayed with them. This extra data is pulled from Structured Data markup found[…]

Trustalyze Review Search App

Introducing the Trustalyze Review Search App

Check out the brand new Trustalyze Review Search App! – Trustalyze is pleased to announce the launch of our beta review search app. The only app that searches for verified reviews from real customers of merchants using the Trustalyze Confidence System. Just released and available now for Android, the super convenient Trustalyze Review Search App[…]

Best Reviews for 2020

Best Reviews For 2020 | How to get them

The year 2020 will be the year of the best reviews. Why? Because merchants are starting to realize that more and more consumers are looking for the best reviews on companies and they are starting to see through the fake reviews and their making more informed decisions on the products and services that they buy.[…]